What is your lead time? Lead times can vary depending on the time of year but on average our lead times are anything up to six weeks.


A week before your installation date, our production manager will contact you to confirm that you are still happy to proceed with the work on the required date. The installing team will call you en route to your site and inform you of their time of arrival. Once the installers arrive on site the Team Leader will introduce himself and go through your plan to ensure that you are happy with before the work commences. If at any point you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


We like to offer our customers tips and guidance on looking after their play equipment so it look as good as the day they were installed!


All our timber is high quality treated play grade timber. Please be aware that this is a natural product and therefore can have natural movements and splits as the timber settles and ages. Although our timber is treated and comes with a 10 year guarantee against rot and infestation, if you wish, you can apply a clear wood preservative once or twice a year to prolong the life of the timber, it can be applied by spray or brush application.


What guarantee do you give? This varies depending on the product and can be anything from one year up to ten years. Please call our sales team on 0333 255 6272 to discuss specific items.