Ultimate Package

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    Everything we said about our Deluxe Package but bigger and more fun! In this package, the focus is the Clamber Stack 4 - our state of the art climbing frame. When it comes to children's play equipment, there is nothing that packs more fun into primary school playgrounds than Clamber Stacks!

    Perfect for large playgrounds, this huge package provides all markings from the premium package:

    * Hexagon Hopscotch

    * Mirror Me

    * Mini Target

    * Mini Fitness Trail

    * Snake 1-25 or Dragon 1-25

    * 8 Point Compass Clock

    * Standing Long Jump

    * Snakes and Ladders 1-64 Small Half Solid or Snakes and Ladders 1-36 Small Full Solid

    * Caterpillar A-Z or Alphabet Shape Spiral

    * Solid Fitness Circle Skip

    2 markings from the Deluxe Package options:

    * Fitness Trail 2

    * Frog Phonics

    * Duck Duck Goose

    * 8 Piece Adventure Trail

    * UK Map Multicoloured Large

    * Solid Target 1-25

    And 2 markings from the below:

    * Sensory Path

    * Tag Team Trail

    * Daily Mile Fitness Trail

    * Number Grid 1-100 Small Full Solid

    * Continents Map Border

    We also include a FREE 2 metre school logo worth £650! Which is great for adding a unique touch to your school. 

    This exciting package also includes a wall panel with more games to play!

    Please note that the displayed price includes installation on grass and wet pour is extra.