What is Trim Trail?

The Benefits of Trim Trail for Schools

Trim Trail Meaning

Trim trails are obstacles courses made up of outdoor exercise stations, usually placed in playgrounds and parks. Trim trail equipment is used to create an exciting outdoor trail of activities for children and adults to walk, climb, and more, to get along the trail to the other side. It presents a fun challenge for the kids, giving them an opportunity to get active on the playground, build relationships with each other, work on team building skills, fight obesity, and learn more about the world around them.

Outdoor playground equipment such as trim trials are often placed at schools, on grass, which makes it a safe way for kids to get active at playtime, giving them a productive way to spend their breaks from the classroom.

We supply commercial playground equipment to schools, parks, pubs, and more in a various types of pine. Wooden playground equipment is superior to metal, as it looks natural and has a warmer feel to it, and lasts for up to 20 years once installed. 

Popular Equipment

In general our most popular items of school playground equipment consist of our Super Trail range, the Fitness Centre, or the Combo Trail Challenges. These are large trails or stacks, combining many activities you’d traditionally expect to find in children’s playground equipment, providing good value. Check out more of our Full Trim Trail range. 

In addition, we have smaller, single trail items, that you can use to build up your own custom trail for your playground. You can choose your favourites, or we can help you if you’d like - just contact us! We have many great items to choose from, including Workout Zones, Pull Up Stations, Climbing Nets, Monkey Swingers, Underground Tunnels, Rope Bridges, and more! 

We also have other school playground equipment, including shelters, performance and story telling areas, sandpits, and other children’s play area equipment suitable for schools, parks, pubs, and other outdoor areas. This helps you to create the ideal play area for your playground, full of activities promoting fitness, adventure, inclusion, and creativity - all excellent things for any playground. 

Check out more of our Single Trail Item range.

Benefits to schools

Trim trails for schools a great way to get children exercising at playtimes. It gives them a challenge to engage with that lots of other play equipment does not. It is also safe, as there is protective safety surfacing available, which provides impact protection. By getting kids active in a safe environment, they can fight off obesity and start forming positive, lifelong habits.

Trim Trail products are made from high quality timber, which provides a natural look to any playground, which we feel is much nicer than metal play equipment. It also makes your school look better to prospective pupils and parents, adding value to your school, showing you care about keeping pupils active and helping them to develop, both in and out of the classroom. 

Why Choose Us?

We offer a wide range of children’s playground equipment that is fantastic for encouraging the use of imagination and creativity at playtime, which is not only important for development and growth, but also allows for better learning in the classroom. 

We offer a range of innovative, safe, and interesting products that make your playground look great and make it a fun place for children to be. We only work with manufacturers that supply high quality equipment that is sturdy and built to last and made to accurate specifications. We also offer playground marking for your playground to help create an even more immersive experience for your pupils.

Products are offered in a range of different types of pressure treated pine, with guarantees lasting from 10 years to 20 years, meaning your new playground will last for years to come. Check out our product range or gallery for inspiration for your playground!

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with us - we’d be happy to help.

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