The most important thing to remember when designing a playground is safety. Trim Trail offers affordable, high-quality wooden equipment and markings for any size or style of playground.

Safe, Affordable, and Fun!

We offer affordable packages that are easy to install and will turn your school playground into a safe, exciting environment for children of all ages.

Wooden Equipment That Lasts for Years

We are committed to quality and use high-end timber with a finishing process designed to ensure that the equipment we provide will last for decades to come. Our designs are vigorous tested for safety before production - trust us with your children's play area!

Add Fitness into Children's Routine

Get them playing on the playground as often as possible. Trim Trail can help you add physical activity into their routine so they will be healthier and more engaged both inside and outside of the classroom!

It is common for many schools to not know where to start when it comes to selecting playground equipment and activities for their school. We have created a few packages of popular products to make the decision easy for you. All you need to do is select the one that fits best in your playground!

Why Choose A Package?

Everything you need to transform your playground is provided for you. Whatever your budget, we have a package available for you, which will help to improve your playground across the following areas...

Younger Years Package

A great package to help with the development of younger children outside the classroom. Featuring a Free Standing Tunnel, Leap Frog, and Stepping Logs with four playground markings.

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Get Active Package A

A fun package designed to get children active on the playground. Featuring three exciting pieces of Trim Trail equipment and five playground markings. 

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Get Active Package B

A fun package designed to get children active on the playground. Featuring three exciting pieces of Trim Trail equipment and nine playground markings. 

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Premium Package

Perfect for small playgrounds, this package was put together by our expert team to ensure that even small playgrounds get a range of playground activities that encourage children to have fun, learn, and develop. 

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Deluxe Package

This is a great option for medium sized playgrounds with a bit more space. This package was also created by our team of experts to provide a great selection for any school, from classic playground games, to fun ways to learn outside the classroom! This package also includes a 1.5m school logo to add a unique touch to your playground! Our Timber Adventure Trail 7 is included, which is a fantastic way to add a variety of activities to medium sized playgrounds.

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Ultimate Package

Everything we said about the deluxe package but bigger and more fun! Perfect for large playgrounds, this package provides all the markings from the premium package, a FREE 2m school logo worth £650, and 4 additional markings! This package includes a Clamber Stack 4, which is one of our premium pieces of equipment. 

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Turn playtime into an opportunity to promote fitness at your school! Our packages provide a  variety of exciting activities to keep pupils active on the playground. From long jumps and fitness trail playground markings, to wooden trim trail equipment that gets pupils climbing, hanging, and balancing. Included in the package is rubber grass mat safety surfacing, which will keep pupils safe from falls at the same time as protecting the grass below and around the play equipment. 


Turn any playground into a fun and engaging place to play with multiple areas and classic playground games, including Hopscotch, Duck Duck Goose, and Snakes & Ladders. We also offer fun equipment for your playground, allowing you to create a range of activities that suit all pupils and allows each child to find something they enjoy.

Learning and Development

Help children to develop coordination and movement with balance beams, targets, hopscotches, and more. Playground markings are a fantastic way to teach children outside of the classroom, whether they’re learning English, geography or maths, and our Ultimate package can help you to do just that. 

School Benefits

Your school will also benefit from having such a great playground equipment setup! Prospective pupils and parents will love the variety of activities, and Ofsted are looking for schools that are developing pupils’ character, and giving opportunities for personal development. Playground games are an excellent way to do this, encouraging team building, turn taking, independence, resilience, confidence, and collaboration, amongst other things in the playground that aid children in their development.

Safety Surfacing

Not only does this safety surfacing help to prevent injuries, it also ensures that the grass below your Trim Trail play equipment stays looking fresh and green. These mats are easy to install and require no landscaping. Safety surfacing is essential for playground equipment, and rubber grass matting playground safety surfacing is the simplest, cheapest, and best looking option.

Trim Trail Play Equipment

Trim Trail wooden play equipment is safe, fun, and lasts for years. We have helped many schools, parks, and playgrounds to create outside play areas, learning areas, and obstacle courses for children. Each package comes with a popular piece of Trim Trail equipment. 

Playground Markings

Playground markings are the ultimate addition to any playground if you are looking to create activities that do not take up space on your playground. These markings add vibrant colours to the tarmac, and will last for years to come, much longer than paint. They last much longer than traditional paint markings. We have a wide range of playground games markings – the largest in the UK. Each package comes with a selection of popular playground markings.

Not sure which package is for you? With so much to think about it can be difficult to know what the most appropriate option is for your school. Get in contact with our friendly team to speak to our expert team via email, phone, contact form, or live chat to see what the best option might be for your playground.